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Hello! I'm a visual development artist with 18+ years of experience in game development,
specializing in pre-production and production concept art (environment and character),
key art, illustration, storyboarding, and marketing support (image and video). I have
established a solid track record of supporting and guiding my fellow artists, contributing
to their growth and advancement in their work. Additionally, I've mentored art students
and shared insights at conferences. Beyond this, I enjoy freelancing as an illustrator and
developing personal art and indie game projects.

Outside of work, you'll find me globe-trotting, diving into books and comics, cycling
or taking long nature walks, and most often, hanging out with my family and dogs.

LinkedIn, Moby games, Kotaku ("The Colorful Concept Art Of Bulletstorm" and "The Art Of The Witcher 3"),
ArtStation, Behance, and DeviantArt.
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